Working First Aid was started by me, Shaun Roerig – a registered & practicing Paramedic with years of front line emergency medical experience in London. Throughout my paramedic career, I have also specialised in Urban Search & Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Safe Working at Height and major incident response, along with regular ambulance calls.I spend my time responding to a host of varied situations.  One second I might be attending seizures, strokes or heart attacks, and the next I might be attending to vehicle accidents or injuries caused by machinery.Most poignantly, I get to see the aftermath of work related accidents and illnesses first-hand.It’s every day workplaces where these can happen: offices, garages, shops, schools, factories and more – basically anywhere.

During my day-to-day duties I began to notice a trend.  Of all the many workplace emergencies I attended, those with trained and up to date first aid personnel on scene seemed to be slightly more relaxed and more composed, but not as much as I’d expect from one trained to deal with these situations.

After some research, it turned out that many of the training organisations who teach first aid (yes, even the largest organisations) use trainers who have no actual first aid experience themselves.  This shocked me.

How can anyone hope to train others if they have no personal hands-on experience?  No real anecdotes to call on?  No knowledge of what actually works in an emergency and what doesn’t?

So I asked myself, how much more composed and confident would a first aider be if they were trained by real paramedics who have dealt with these situations for years? Most importantly, how many more lives could it save, or how much could recovery times be minimised with the correct initial care?

If non-medical trainers are producing first aiders who are slightly more confident, then what could training from medical professionals achieve?  Training from those of us that deal with emergencies day in, day out?

Well, I believe such training will produce not only better skilled but also much more confident first aiders.  Graduates from such courses would know that every skill they have learned and every technique they have practiced works in a real emergency.  These skills really do save lives and aren’t just taught from a book by a trainer who is learning as he teaches.

“…staff that have seen easily 5,000-10,000 or more real emergency calls each!”

I knew I had to recruit trainers from the field – real paramedics acting as professional course leaders who have easily experienced 5,000-10,000 or more real emergency calls each in their careers.

These course leaders would need to be able to answer every first aid question that could ever be thrown at them – the hints and tips to make a first aiders life easier when their colleague’s life is at stake.

In short – I needed paramedics and true emergency medical experts. It’s the only way to provide such a high level of first aid training, and this kind of emergency medical exposure can only have a massively positive influence on our trainee’s confidence, ability and composure.

So, that is where Working First Aid came from.  The teachers at our courses can teach first aid because they’re so experienced at delivering first aid themselves. It’s what they do, what they know, and our students leave our training sessions so much the better because of it.

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