Course Summary

This half day course is ideal for anywhere where a defib is available in an emergency.  Additionally, extra time is spent perfecting good quality CPR techniques beyond normal first aid courses.  This means that even if your workplace does not have defibs available, you will still benefit from our expert tuition and guidance.

Half day course (3 guided hours)

Combines defib & CPR training with just enough theory for students to understand why their actions can save lives

Comply with the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on the provision of defib trained personel

– Get teaching infused with real-world knowledge.  Our training team is made up of registered paramedics with years of emergency medical experience. This helps to make the course very interesting and valuable with tips and advice based on real experience

– A free first aid manual for every student.  Quick, easy and great to refer back to at any time to ensure that all students stay on top of their first aid knowledge

– A free first aid mouth-to-mouth face shield.  Instantly banishes the common fears and concerns of mouth-to-mouth CPR

– Regular e-mail newsletters for every student.  Providing information on the latest first aid guidelines, news and events to stay up to date and ready to act

– Training conducted at your premises.  No travel organisation and no costly travel fees

– Assessment is ongoing throughout the course

Defib Course Syllabus

– Theory, anatomy and physiology


– Follows the latest UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines

– Safe Use of an AED

– Ample time to practice your new skills

– A recertification is advised on an annual basis

Who needs DeFib training?

Currently, the Health & Safety Executive does not provide governance on the provision of a defibrillator in the workplace.  Their first aid courses cover effective CPR, but the provision of a defib and associated defib training is left to the employers discretion.

That said, they do recommend that any workplace that does provide an on-site defibrillator has staff who are adequately trained in their usage.

As practicing paramedics, we have seen on many occasions the amazing results of effective CPR coupled with the prompt delivery of a defibrillator shock.  Sadly however, often we are unable to arrive in time to save a patient due to the distressingly rapid speed that the brain begins to die when starved of oxygen. The act of using a defibrillator can regularly mean the difference between life and death.

Whilst modern defibs are user friendly and guide the user through the process of use step by step, it can be applied quickly and with more confidence if the user already has experience and training in its usage. Instead of reading instructions and getting to grips with the equipment, the user can apply the defibrillator correctly and accurately without hesitation. It’s these saved seconds which can make all the difference.

How our paramedic training staff can help you

Every member of our defib training staff are paramedics who have been to a host of real life cardiac arrests.  Unlike other training providers, who may come from a non medical background, our staff are drawn directly from the front line of emergency medicine – paramedics and IHCD technicians.

Our experience of the reality of a cardiac arrest means that we can truly describe, demonstrate the full scenario of a resuscitation attempt.  We explain how things really feel, the thoughts that are likely to go through your mind and the mechanisms to use to allow you to focus on the job at hand.

This is why our training staff are ideal for the delivery of defib training.  We have used them countless times, and seen first-hand the true life saving benefits that they, coupled with effective CPR, can bring.

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