Course Summary

You will likely require trained Emergency First Aid at Work certificate holders present at all times if…

– You have more than 25 employees…
– You have more than 5 employees, and are involved in hazardous activities such as warehouse duties or food processing…
– Should you engage in regular interaction with the public (such as a shop or travel agent) the Health & Safety Executive strongly advises that you think of them when making your first aid plans…

As always, we are more than happy to help you decide the correct level of first aid coverage you need.

Additional Course Info

1 day course (9 guided hours)

Combines practical, demonstrations and just enough theory for students to understand why their actions can save lives

Comply with the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on the provision of appropriate first aid trained personel

Get teaching infused with real-world knowledge.  Our training team is made up of registered paramedics with years of emergency medical experience. This helps to make the course very interesting and valuable with tips and advice based on real experience

A free first aid manual for every student.  Quick, easy and great to refer back to at any time to ensure that all students stay on top of their first aid knowledge

A free first aid mouth-to-mouth face shield.  Instantly banishes the common fears and concerns of mouth-to-mouth CPR

Regular e-mail newsletters for every student.  Providing information on the latest first aid guidelines, news and events to stay up to date and ready to act

Training conducted at your premises.  No travel organisation and no costly travel fees

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course

Certificate valid for three years

Emergency First Aid at Work Course Syllabus

Our EFAW courses are designed to squeeze as much life saving information as possible in to one 9 hour day.  The full course itinerary is:

– Preventing cross infection
– Recording incidents and action
– Use of available equipment
– Assess the situation
– The unconscious casualty (including seizure)
– Choking
– Wounds and bleeding
– Shock
– Minor injuries (including small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters).

How our emergency paramedic training staff deliver MORE than the average trainer
We understand how important it is that your first aiders have not only the skills, but the confidence required to cope when faced with an emergency.  Every one of Working First Aid’s course leaders and trainers is an experienced paramedic.  This means that when we are not delivering emergency first aid at work courses, we are dealing with vehicle accidents, heart attacks, strokes and a host of other emergencies.  It is precisely because of the experience and expertise we gain from real emergencies that we can turn your first aiders in to more than just certificate holders…

We create primed and ready life savers

Some other providers employ trainers who may have no experience of actually dealing with a medical emergency themselves.  Would you hire someone to train your staff in any other type of subject if they had no actual experience of doing it themselves?

They appreciate from firsthand experience how essential the right skills, taught the right way, actually are.  Couple this with real life hints and tips and stories of how they have coped & dealt with emergency scenarios in the past, and your staff cannot help but leave our Emergency First Aid at Work courses confident, composed and ready to face any workplace emergency.

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