Another life drastically improved through medicine

Amazing!  Absolutely amazing!

Those were my first thoughts this morning when I read the news article over on the BBC website  – Face transplant –

Honestly, what a world we live in now.  Following a terrifying accident in 2008, Dallas Wiens lost his whole face to burns and faced a lifetime of solitude away from staring eyes.  At just 26 years old, that is along time to be ashamed of your own face.
Now, thanks to pioneering surgery funded by the US military (think of the potential benefits to soldiers from face transplant surgery following injury in combat) Dallas can even smell again.

One day, doctors may even be able to restore his eye sight, but I’m sure he will take what he has been given for now gladly!

A happy story to start the day…

First Aid possibly saved his life

I would imagine it would have been a hell of a job to provide first aid to as a bystander though.  The chance of airway compromise would have been massively high, and even trained health professionals would have struggled to provide good burns first aid to such extensively dammaged tissues.  In that respect, he actually seems to be very lucky, although the nature of the accident obviously would to point otherwise, as without proper training and/or equipment quickly to hand I would imagine he would have been asphyxiated by his own damaged tissues.  It may have been something as simple as the recovery period…