Course Summary

2 day course (18 guided hours)

Combines practical, demonstrations and just enough theory for students to understand why their actions can save lives

Comply with the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on the provision of appropriate first aid trained personel

Get teaching infused with real-world knowledge.  Our training team is made up of registered paramedics with years of emergency medical experience. This helps to make the course very interesting and valuable with tips and advice based on real experience

A free first aid manual for every student.  Quick, easy and great to refer back to at any time to ensure that all students stay on top of their first aid knowledge

A free first aid mouth-to-mouth face shield.  Instantly banishes the common fears and concerns of mouth-to-mouth CPR

Regular e-mail newsletters for every student.  Providing information on the latest first aid guidelines, news and events to stay up to date and ready to act

Training conducted at your premises.  No travel organisation and no costly travel fees

Assessment is conducted on the second day

Certificate valid for 3 years

Do you need a First Aid at Work Refresher?


You will likely require trained First Aid at Work certificate holders present at all times if…

– You are nearing the end of your current 3 year validation period for your First Aid at Work certificate

– You have 50 or more employees

– You have less than 50 employees, but the business involves hazardous procedures such as warehousing, food processing, assembly work, light engineering etc

– The primary role of your business involves interaction with the public.  Here, the HSE strongly advises that employers consider them in their first aid provision plans


The above is by no means extensive.  You may still require a First Aid at Work level first aider at your workplace regardless.  Alternatively, you may need to provide a first aider at a different level of qualification.

As always, we are more than happy to help you decide the correct level of first aid coverage you need.


First Aid at Work refresher course syllabus

Our FAW refresher courses are designed to squeeze as much life saving information as possible in to two days.  The full course itinerary is:

– Preventing cross infection
– Recording incidents and action
– Use of available equipment
– Assess the situation
– The unconscious casualty (including seizure)
– Choking
– Wounds and bleeding
– Shock
– Minor injuries (including small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters).
– Administer first aid to a casualty with:
– Injuries to bones, muscles and joints, including suspected spinal injuries;
– Chest injuries;
– Burns and scalds;
– Eye injuries;
– Sudden poisoning;
– Anaphylactic shock;
– Recognise the presence of major illness and provide appropriate first aid (including heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes).

How often should you undertake a first aid at work refresher course? 

Industry standard courses require requalification every 3 years. This is the minimum required to maintain some degree of first aid ability.

However, for the best results in an emergency, which could potentially mean the difference between life and death, we would recommend the undertaking of a refresher course as often as feasibly possible. After all, in emergency medical situations, there’s no limit to how sharp and composed your first aid skills should be.

Whilst a refresher course would be of huge benefit every few months or so, aiming to provide your first aiders with a refresher at least once a year will be a massive step in the right direction.  Not only will their skills remain honed and up to date, but their ability to think and act under pressure will be dramatically enhanced. They will be more sharp, more focused and ready to help.

How our team of paramedic trainers can help you

Our training team is composed entirely of front line emergency paramedics with considerable experience – having dealt with over 10,000 emergency situations each during their careers. There is likely to be no scenario that the course leaders teaching your staff haven’t experienced.


How does our skill, knowledge and experience of medical emergencies benefit you?

The best training isn’t going to come from someone who has learned first aid out of a book. It will come from someone who has been practicing it, for real, for many years. It’s that real-world experience which provides that polished technique and correct mindset to provide the best first aid possible. Real stories, real experiences and real techniques can have nothing but a massively positive effect on every attendee.

“A real emergency is filled with stresses, fears and adrenaline”

Yet despite this, there are some organisations who view first aid training as purely a tick in the box exercise – not as the life saving course that it actually is.  So, they utilise trainers with no actual emergency medical experience, apart from that which they learned from a book.   A real emergency is filled with stresses, fears and adrenaline.  Because at Working First Aid we all learned long ago how to deal with real life situations, we are able to help you prepare for the worst that your employees may face.

Our training team creates great first aiders precisely for this reason.  We will train you in the skills that work, the signs and symptoms that appear and the best way to cope with whatever you may face in your new position.

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