Why do we need First Aid in the workplace?

During a recent course I delivered on first aid in the workplace to a group of search & rescue volunteers, I began contemplating a blog post focusing specifically on non business related first aid.  I planned to discuss the benefits of courses created for specific groups of people, such as your sports related first aid courses or first aid for motor-bikers.

I still plan to do this – it’s a subject that deserves real attention.  However, it has to be noted that we spend over a third of our waking lives at work, a place that for many of us can exposes us to far more risk than we typically take elsewhere.  Also of important note is that most workers would expect their employers to provide some form of dedicated plan to provide first aid in the workplace, something that very few of us expect from a loved one or a bystander in the street.

Your staffs well being matters!

Consider these three points…

– Keeping your staff fit and healthy results in them spending more hours bringing in profits for your company.

– Sick days cost not only money, but also other employees time as they try to fill the gaps left behind

– Extended periods of absence caused by sickness result in staff being pulled away from other duties, having to learn alien systems or skills and generally being less productive in a role than the right (but absent) employee.

How can we enhance the first point whilst reducing the effects of points two and three?  One massively beneficial step is to provide good, well reasoned and effective first aid in the workplace, be that an office or a high category industrial complex.

How does first aid in the workplace really benefit me?

Well, simply put – if your staff are treated correctly for injury or illness they receive whilst at work then the healing process can be drastically shorter than if they receive no treatment between point of injury and assessment by a medical professional.

I’m not only talking about sprains and strains here, although of course correctly treating a sprain correctly at the point of injury can shorten recovery time by days if not weeks.  I’m also talking about heart attacks, strokes, serious physical injuries from machinery or plant and the psychological effects associated with all of them and more besides.

Start the treatment process off as quickly as possible, and your staff may not even need to take them time off from work they perhaps would have done had they had to wait to be seen by a medical professional.

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